How to find duplicate records in MySQL query

In MySQL find the Find the duplicate records by using COUNT function

SELECT * FROM employee;

    id  name    salary  
------  ------  --------
     1  Ramesh      5000
     2  Ashish      4000
     3  Rahul       6000
     4  Vishal      7000
     5  Harsh       3000
     6  Kamal       1000
     7  Kamal        500

Get the duplicate records in MySQL

SELECT `name`,COUNT(*) AS total FROM `employee` GROUP BY `name` HAVING COUNT(`name`)>1;
# OR
SELECT `name`,count(*) as total FROM `employee` GROUP BY `name` having total>1;

Output ::

name     total  
------  --------
Kamal          2

Find the duplicate recods by multiple columns in MySQL query

SELECT ColumnA, ColumnB, ColumnC, count(*) as total 
from table 
group by ColumnA, ColumnB, ColumnC 
having total > 1;


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