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    JavaScript is weakly typed client side scripting language, JavaScript is execute in user's browser. JavaScript associate with HTML documents and interact with the DOM to make better layout.

    What is JavaScript ?

    • JS stands for JavaScript
    • JavaScript is easy to learn
    • JavaScript is a client side scripting lanugage.
    • JavaScript is execute in user's browser.

    How do I start learning JavaScript ?

    • HTML is markup language used to define the structure of web pages.
    • CSS used to apply style rules of web pages
    • JavaScript is a scripting language, it's client-side scripting lanugage.

    What are the features of JavaScript

    • JS is Weakly typed programming language
    • Browser APIs (DOM, Geolocation,Canvas , WebGL, Audio, Video APIs )
    • Dynamically create new content inside the browser
    • Object-orientation (prototype-based)

    Hello World in JavaScript

                document.write("Hello World")