How to play multiple video in loop using HTML5 and JavaScript

By the following code we can play multiple video one after anoter by using below script.

Step - 1

Create the index.html file and put video tag code and added first video by default to play.

< video src="v1.mp4" autoplay="true" controls="controls" id="videos" height="200">

Step - 2

add the below code of javscript .

var videoSource = new Array();
videoSource[0] = 'v1.mp4';
videoSource[1] = 'v2.mp4';
let key = 0; // global
const videoCount = videoSource.length;
const element = document.getElementById("videos");
function playVideo(videoNum) {
    element.setAttribute("src", videoSource[videoNum]);
    element.autoplay = true;
document.getElementById('videos').addEventListener('ended', myFunctionHandle, false);
function myFunctionHandle() {
    if (key == videoCount) {
        key = 0;
    } else {


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