.htaccess Redirection

If you want to change the default file, you can do it. usally server loop up /public_html directory and Deafult file is index.html

Redirection codes:

300 - Multiple Choices
301 - Moved Permanently
302 - Moved Temporarily
303 - See Other
304 - Not Modified
305 - Use Proxy

301 - Moved Permanently - url change

301 ese when the old page has been permanently moved and coming reguest shold be sent to the target page PageRank may be transferred

302 -found (default) - temporarily moved

The requested page has moved temporarily to a new url so page is cached if indicated by a Cache- Control or Expires header field.

Redirect from a specific file to a new file

Redirect /redirect_old_from.html http://www.example.com/folder/redirect_new.html

Redirecting an entire site to new URL

Redirect 301 / http://newdomain.com

Redirecting a directory structure

If you change the directory structure and page have not change. redirect all request to new directory

Redirect 301 /olddirectory http://newdomain.com/newdirectory